The Venus Factor Review – A Detailed Look At Venus Factor

Venus Factor is just one of the best products when talking about a woman’s need. This diet program was coined and introduced by John Barban and since then, it has gained popularity as the most controversial and hottest weight loss program in the past few months. This is not surprising at all since it is a fitness and diet program designed specifically for a woman’s body.

This new approach when it comes to weight loss in the female population has gained the respect of all customers who are highly impressed with the system. There can be no doubt about it; the Venus Factor is one of the well-recognized fat burning systems for women. So, learn about why this product is so unique!

Venus Factor – Overview

There are no tricks when it comes to this program. While tons of weight loss programs might promise that you will lose significant pounds even by being a couch potato, the Venus Factor is entirely different as its effectiveness is based on science.

Just recently, scientists discovered that fat loss is immensely influenced by a hormone called “leptin”. This hormone is totally responsible for regulating your body’s metabolism, appetite and storage of fats. By centering the diet on this hormone, you can hasten weight loss through heightened metabolism, reduced appetite and limited storage of fat.

The Venus Factor is ideal for the female population. It serves as a remarkable body transformation system that helps woman achieve that hourglass figure. Its focus is on burning fats and building muscles and all workouts should be performed through a circuit way with one minute rest in between exercises to lift energy and metabolism. The workouts included in the program are typically composed of strength and weight lifting exercises. This is so since the goal of the program is to tone the muscles and help every woman in attaining measurements close to the Venus Index.

Genetics Breakthrough: Leptin.

When dealing with obesity, It is not ethical to put people through intensive highly emotional experiences like the ones on TV. Trying to change a person’s metabolic rate through exercise is a grueling process especially without having done enough research on their body type and diets. In simple, if one lady wants to lose weight on her butt and hips instead of overall body weight, there would be foods that are best suited to losing the masses of fat contained in those areas.

Leptin was discovered by constantly feeding animals when they did not need to eat and then withdrawing the food for extended periods of time. The animals displayed a behavior where they refused to eat for very long periods of time and that is how the discovered that this can affect their metabolic rate. Leptin allows you to eat your favorite foods without having to cut back of pleasurable tastes and calories.

Age and Exercise Catered For

Women over the age of 40 need to consume the 50 protein/50 carb / everything else diet in order to increase their metabolic rate and they should cut back on carbohydrates but rather consume the more complex carbs instead of sugars and glucose products.


Exercise needn’t be intense. Provided that You’re already eating the right diet. You will naturally find the energy because the metabolic food that you’re consuming. Jogging will do just fine. However, this is not to say Venus does not come with an exercise program. Everything you need will be included in the package Diet, Book and Training program together with lots and lots of extra videos and etc.

What Will You Get With The Venus Factor?

By availing the program, you will be able to get hold of the following:

 Program Manual

– This aids you in identifying the perfect ratio for Venus Index and make decisions whether you will gain or lose weight in order to attain it.

Eating Guide

– This body centric guide to eating will help you reach your fitness goals once you have identified the ideal Venus Index for you. Not like with other plans that make you eat less, the body centric plan included in the Venus Factor program lets you know how to eat right and at the same time meet your required caloric and nutritional needs. These are calculated based on your height, weight and body measurements.

Workout manual

–This is the most significant part of this product. The manual includes a detailed workout program designed for 12 weeks. The workouts are designed to tone and shape muscles through resistance workout.

Workout schedule

–This is a fitness program that lasts for a period of 12 weeks separated in three phases. There is a particular workout plan to abide to each phase and you will have access to pictures, videos and step by step instructions on how to do the workouts.

The Pros and Cons

Just like other fitness programs, the Venus Factor comes with advantages and disadvantages too. So take a look at the following:

The Pros:

· All workouts are available in videos making it easy to follow the workouts properly

· The program works for all women at all levels of fitness

· The program is not about losing pounds and intense weighing. It is about getting into the best shape possible.

· Counting calories is not required. Foods can be enjoyed beyond reason.

· No need for expensive equipment and comes with a 60 day total money guarantee.

The Cons:

· The nutrition aspect offers much freedom which makes women prone to less structured eating guide.

· It is about achieving the best figure and body shaping.

· Requires 100% dedication in terms of the workouts and eating plan.

· Only works for females.

Overall, the Venus Factor is a well-designed fitness program for women. It is flexible, simple and easy to adhere to. The results are also noticeable throughout the entire course making customers more motivated to go on. So, achieve the ideal figure that you want with this totally efficient body shaping program.